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Cat Boarding Accommodation

Pet Boarding, Beaver Creek, MN

Pet Boarding Clinic that Cares for Your Furry Family Member

When you need to be away from your pet for an extended time, you want to find the best facility possible. You can place your furry family member with us at Midwest Canine and rest assured that Fido or Fluffy is getting excellent care.

The staff at our pet boarding clinic has the skills and experience to ensure your pet gets the proper attention that he or she deserves. Our staff is fully trained in caring for dogs and cats that require special support, such as administering medication. We will focus on your pet’s situation so that their health needs are met. This can include a unique diet and exercise as required.

If your pet has an injury or is recovering from a medical procedure and you need to travel, accommodating them in our pet care center is the right choice. It allows your four-legged friend to relax and get well while receiving the best support possible. If there is an emergency, we know how to respond quickly and give your pet approved treatments.

Pet Medication Management

Whether your pet takes medication to manage seizures, a heart condition, or allergies, our staff is qualified to administer it. We take the health of your pet seriously and ensure they get the pet medication services needed to protect their wellbeing. When you drop off your dog or cat, we will go over their medication requirements, dosage, and schedule. We will also discuss your preferred veterinarian for any medical care, should anything unexpected occur.

Understandably, you might worry while you’re away from your best friend. But no matter how long you must be gone, you can feel confident that our boarding facility staff has the training and skills to provide exceptional pet medication services. There is nothing we value more than making sure your furry friend gets the medication they need to stay healthy. We treat your pets as we would our own and are here to protect their best interests while at our facility.

Exceptional Emergency Care

In case of emergencies, our staff has the requisite training to provide immediate critical care. Midwest Canine never takes chances with your pet, and should any issues arise, we will ensure they get the medical attention they need. Nothing is more important to us than protecting the health and safety of your furry family member.

Our boarding quarters are fully climate-controlled so that your cat or dog will be completely comfortable at any time of the year. We are open seven days a week from 8 a.m., so contact us at any time to place your pet with us.