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Cat Boarding Accommodation

Pet Boarding, Beaver Creek, MN

Climate-Controlled Sleeping Quarters Keep Pets Safe All Year Long

Those cold Minnesota winters can be brutal and even dangerous for pets, which is why it is crucial that they have a warm place to stay. If you can’t take your pet with you and don’t want to heat your home when you aren’t there, leave your fur baby with us instead. Midwest Canine Training and Country Suites features climate-controlled sleeping quarters that protect pups and cats from freezing—or overheating in the summer. With fans and heat lamps, plus a team of trained professionals looking out for them, you and your pet enjoy peace of mind in any weather.

We welcome various breeds of dogs and cats, including those with special needs. Our climate-controlled cat boarding accommodation includes spacious cat condos with a view and window perch that any feline is sure to love. Midwest Canine Training and Country Suites are even equipped with radios, toys, and treats for extra comfort. With spacious sleeping quarters, an exercise yard for playtime, and our exceptional services, your pet is sure to have a blast by staying with us. We’ve taken care of cats and dogs in every season for more than 26 years.