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Cat Boarding Accommodation

Pet Boarding, Beaver Creek, MN

Complete Cat Boarding Accommodations for Owners Traveling Out of Town

Every kitty deserves a safe and comfortable place to stay while their pet parents are away, and that’s what we’re here for. Midwest Canine Training and Country Suites is proud to provide the very best in cat boarding accommodation for all domesticated breeds, even those with special needs. Our climate-controlled sleeping quarters include a special room with spacious condos, a view, and a window perch for our feline friends to enjoy plenty of exercises. These cat condos are only $14 a day and include bathing and medication administration as needed.

Midwest Canine Training and Country Suites has over 26 years of experience caring for cats at our pet boarding clinic. That means we know how to respond to any emergency that may come up, giving you full peace of mind as you embark on your trip out of town. Your cat will be fed, clean, safe, and happy when they stay with our team. Be sure to schedule your appointments for drop-off and pickup, and feel free to ask about our dog boarding accommodation too. We can’t wait to meet your kitty and give them a good home away from home.