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Dog Boarding in Beaver Creek, MN

Pet Boarding, Beaver Creek, MN

Cat and Dog Boarding in Beaver Creek, MN

Whether you’re going on vacation or you simply need someone to look after your furry friend while you’re at work, we offer cat and dog boarding in Beaver Creek, MN, in addition to our dog training services. You can rest assured that your feline or canine companion is safe and sound when you leave them in our care. The compassionate sitters at Midwest Canine Training and Country Suites have the training necessary to provide your pets with the company and attention they need and deserve.

Comfort and Accommodations

To ensure the comfort of your pets, we offer climate-controlled sleeping quarters that vary in style and size to accommodate different breeds and types of animals. For example, dogs have access to large condos and country suites that come equipped with beds, radios, toys, and treats. On the other hand, cat boarding includes a special room that has spacious cat condos with a view and window perch.

Health and Wellbeing

Our pet care services also include medication administration and bathing, which keeps your furry friend healthy and happy. At Midwest Canine Training and Country Suites, we understand the importance of maintaining your animals’ cleanliness and wellbeing. You can count on us to ensure they take their medicine and stay out of the mud.

Additionally, we’ll take your dog on a few walks so that they can get a daily dose of exercise. Dogs love going outside, which is why we’ll go out with them up to four times a day. We also give all dogs 30 minutes of playtime in the exercise yard at no extra charge.


Pay a reasonable price to have us watch over your pet. Please remember that there is a 2-day minimum for non-holidays and a 3-day minimum for holidays. The prices for our boarding rooms include:


• 1 Dog - $24 Per Day
• 2 Dogs - $35 Per Day
• 3 Dogs - $45 Per Day

Cat Condo:

• 1 Cat - $14 Per Day

Country Suites:

• 1 Dog - $32 Per Day
• 2 Dogs - $40 Per Day
• 3 Dogs - $48 Per Day

VIP Room (Includes Free Access to Large Play Room):

• 1 Dog - $35 Per Day
• 2 Dogs - $45 Per Day
• 3 Dogs - $55 Per Day

Happy Dog With Hanging Tongue

The Benefits of Pet Boarding

When you travel without your pet, part of planning your trip is arranging for dog boarding accommodation and/or cat boarding accommodation for your four-legged companion. Of course, the goal is to make sure your beloved fur baby is well cared for and as comfortable as possible while you’re away, which will help you worry less during your trip. We understand that every pet is unique, including those who share the same home.

Here are a few of the benefits of pet boarding so you can take this task off your vacation to-do list with confidence.

Professional Attention

Our trained staff will provide high-quality care for your pet. In case of emergency, they will know how to respond and give your pet approved treatments while they wait for you to return home.

Medical Care

If your pet takes medications every day, then dog boarding accommodation and/or cat boarding accommodation may be the best for your pet while you travel to ensure their health needs met.

Proper Exercise and Diet

Pets need daily exercise (especially dogs) and good nutrition. A reputable pet boarding kennel will offer exercise time and work with you if your pet is on a special diet.