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Dog Boarding in Beaver Creek, MN

Pet Boarding, Beaver Creek, MN

Dog Boarding in Beaver Creek, MN

If you're going on vacation and need someone to watch your pet, turn to Midwest Canine. We offer reliable cat and dog boarding in Beaver Creek, MN. By letting us care for your furry friend, you'll know that they are in safe hands. Contact us today for details.

All-Inclusive Boarding Services

Our dog and cat sitters are happy to look after your pet while you're away. When your pet is in our care, they'll get to stay in a clean, comfortable, and relaxed facility. Our boarding services include:

Comfortable Sleeping Quarters

We have different styles of rooms available for dogs and cats. For canines, we offer large condos and country suites that contain beds, radios, toys, and treats. For our feline visitors, we offer a special room that has spacious cat condos with a view and window perch.

Administer Medication

If your pet has to take certain medication to stay healthy, we'll make sure they take them in your absence. We can give your dog or cat their medication as needed.

Climate Control

To ensure your pet is comfortable, our building is climate controlled. Our facility has heated floors, central air conditioning, and air exchange with humidity control for added comfort.

Bathing Services

During your pet's stay, we'll ensure they stay clean and healthy. We provide routine bathing services for both dogs and cats.


Our pet care team knows that dogs love to go outside. For this reason, we will walk your pup 4 times a day. Your dog will also receive 30 minutes of play time in the exercise yard at no extra charge.


Pay a reasonable price to have us watch over your pet. Please remember that there is a 2-day minimum for non-holidays and a 3-day minimum for holidays. The prices for our boarding rooms include:

• 1 Dog - $23 Per Day
• 2 Dogs - $30 Per Day
• 3 Dogs - $40 Per Day

Cat Condo:
• 1 Cat - $14 Per Day

Country Suites:
• 1 Dog - $27 Per Day
• 2 Dogs - $35 Per Day
• 3 Dogs - $40 Per Day

VIP Room (Includes Free Access to Large Play Room):
• 1 Dog - $30 Per Day
• 2 Dogs - $40 Per Day
• 3 Dogs - $45 Per Day

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