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Training & Behavior Modification

Here at Midwest Canine Training we strive to provide some of the best and most complete training around.  From our Pre-school to our Advanced programs we are sure you will find a program that will work for your dog.  We use only positive reinforcement methods based on conditioning reinforcers that allow us to get better and more effective results in the training, and WE LOVE what we do so the finished results are always better.

Training Programs: Did you know that obedience training alone can fix roughly 90% of all dog behavioral issues? Its true! We have training programs from puppy to advanced and competition as well as hunting, behavioral modifications and scent discrimination.  Our programs are custom tailored to fit your dogs needs as well as yours. 

Behavioral Modification: Many dogs have problems.  Some simpler then others.  In our modification training we evaluate the dogs problem/temperament, from there a series of exercises will be drawn up to elimate the problem and help your dog.  We offer one of the most exclusive behavioral training programs around and the most thorough understanding of canine temperament.  Don't put up with your dogs bad habits anymore.

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Group Classes: no more the 10 per class.  No group class at this time.

Private Lessons:  One on one training with the instructor.  Usually meeting 4-5 times at our facility.

Stay and Train:  OUR MOST POPULAR PROGRAM. This is where your dog will stay with us and we do the training for you.  This is our most requested format.  Owners are given instruction time before their dog goes home.  Call for more information.